Sports Injuries

Cambridge Sports Injuries Clinic

We are a Cambridge sports injuries clinic located in Cambridge and Waterbeach. Our osteopath uses manual therapy techniques, prescriptive exercises, lifestyle advice and kinesiotaping to treat sports injuries. Also we can perform biomechanical assessments to figure out what areas of the body needs addressing to optimise your performance.

How do Sports Injuries occur?

Sports injuries occur as a result of over-exursion and over-activity resulting in muscle strains, ligament sprains, joint capsular strains, bursitis, wear and tear of the joints and ligaments. Alternatively pain can occur as a result of prolonged activity resulting in delayed onset muscle soreness. For this type of pain, its important to make sure you stretch before and after exercise in order to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness.

Furthermore, If you do a high impact sport (e.g.  martial arts, rubgy) then it quite likely that the injury could occur as a result of blunt trauma and falls. where there is the risk of broken bones / fractures and torn ligaments. In this incidence you would need to seek hospital treatment as part of the recovery process. Osteopathic treatment would not be suitable.

Cambridge Sports Injuries

The Aim of Treatment

The treatment is aimed at reducing any soft tissue pain, improving any mobility or core stability tissues. Treatment is conservative and non-invasive

How many appointments might I need?

It varies, each person needs are different, though It can 1-2 appointment or more 3+ appointments. As it is dependent on the type of injury and presenting complaint.

Why come see us for an appointment?

Our Osteopath, works within a multi-disciplinary team of 60 health and complementary practitioners at our central Cambridge clinic. So we can create a bespoke & tailored treatment and management plan that suits your individuals needs with other practitioners, if necessary.

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