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Our cambridge headache clinic has osteopaths uses manual therapy and prescriptive exercise to reduce severity and treat a headache that is mechanical / Musculoskeletal in origin. These sorts of headaches are accompanied with neck pain / jaw pain or a previous history of neck pain / jaw pain.

Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment can reduce future pain episodes and related disability in adults with headache (Cerritelli et al. 2017) by treating the some tissues (muscles and joints) around the neck and shoulders. It is quite likely that the osteopath will prescribe exercises to reduce the severity of the headache.

Types of Headaches treated by Osteopaths

Cambridge Headache Clinic

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Prescriptive Exercise for Headache

Patients need to be motivated, co-operate and have an understanding of exercises being prescribed. The osteopath will take time to explain exercises with terminology that patients understand, demonstrate how procedures are performed and review patients’ performance of the exercise (Fricton et al. 2009).

Be aware that aggravation of the condition may occur with overly vigorous application of exercise. As exercise did not provide immediate relief, proper instruction on expectations for gradual relief and training to enhance long-term efficacy were required (Fricton et al. 2009).

GP Referral

You may also need to be referred to your GP for further investigation or prescribed medication of the headaches.

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